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Apple Watch 2 and smart health bands both reportedly slated for 2016

Yes, Apple plans to enhance its current devices, but a new model may also be on the way

Will Apple release annual smartwatch hardware revisions the same way it does with phones and tablets? A report that emerged before the weekend suggested that Apple might avoid that route, and instead introduce smart bands for the Apple Watch.

The health-focussed bands would reportedly link into the existing device, allowing it greater health-tracking functionality (Pebble is already investing in the tech). The Apple Watch already has a small diagnostic port accessible underneath where the band links in, plus an attached band could work via Bluetooth. However, 9to5Mac now claims that’s not all.

The oft-reliable site for Apple rumours checked with its own sources, who affirmed that smart bands are indeed being developed for the Apple Watch. However, Apple reportedly also plans to introduce a totally new model of the watch next week alongside the bands, perhaps testing its customers’ willingness to upgrade wearable tech on a regular basis.

9to5Mac suggests that Apple’s prototypes for the next watch include a camera for FaceTime, which sounds like something that’ll be used more for creepshots than meaningful video conversations. But maybe Apple sees more prospective use of a wearable wrist camera than we can at the moment.

Granted, all of this could still be a ways off, but there’s reason for Apple Watch owners (and would-be owners) to be excited this autumn, thanks to the impending release of WatchOS 2. The second-gen OS adds a lot of features that seemed like omissions in the first release (like deeper watch face customisation), and adds the ability to natively install apps, which should cut a lot of slowdown.

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