Apple Thunderbolt Display supercharges your monitor

Sometimes, just sometimes, the internet gets something right. Case in point…

We’d heard a rumour whistling through the tumbleweeds of the internet that Apple would be bringing out a Thunderbolt-enabled Cinema Display monitor. Turns out, Apple has just brought out a Thunderbolt-enabled Cinema Display monitor, called Thunderbolt Display. Fancy that.

It’s the world’s first monitor with Thunderbolt I/O connectivity and also has a FaceTime webcam, Ethernet, FireWire and USB 2.0. As usual the glass runs from edge to edge on the 16:9 27in screen. Apple’s sees it as the ultimate docking station for your MacBook. And with 10Gbps two-way data transfer, who are we to say that’s wrong?

The Apple Thunderbolt Display will hit your local Apple Store within two months for a tidy £900.


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