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Apple makes its Self Service Repair program available across Europe

Repairs go international

Apple customer repairing their own iPhone using parts from the Self Service Repair program

Last year, Apple hit us with some rather unexpected news – you can now repair your own Apple gear. The brand launched a Self Service Repair program, allowing customers to get their hands dirty and replace parts. Since launching the program, Apple has worked to improve it, adding MacBooks to the list of devices you can repair. And now, Apple is opening it up to even more customers.

Apple announced that its Self Service Repair program is now available in Europe. Customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK can officially start cracking open their iPhones. The program, initially only available in the US, allows individuals to buy official Apple parts, tools, and access manuals to repair their own gadgets.

For now, the program only covers all iPhone 12 models, all iPhone 13 models, and 2020 and 2021 MacBooks with M1 chips. Apple will continue to open up the program to more devices, however. Through the Self Service Repair store, consumers can access the same parts that Apple’s own repair teams use (over 200 of them, in fact).

Customers can only fix commonly serviced parts of their devices, including the battery, speaker, camera, display, SIM tray, and Taptic Engine. Apple has made more repair options available since the program launched, and will continue to do so. In addition, customers can rent toolkits for a week for $49, which include all the necessary tools required to complete the repair. Manuals are available for free when purchasing parts.

Screenshot of Apple's Self Service Repair store offering genuine repair parts

Some parts remain more expensive than the cost of replacement through Apple. Luckily, the credit received for returning parts means that customers will ultimately save money on repair costs. For example, a self-service battery repair is around $47 when accounting for the credit, compared to $69 for the repair. The program also promotes the proper recycling of old parts, further boosting its environmental benefits.

While Apple’s DIY repair program isn’t for everyone, it does satiate the rampant Right to Repair fans. Giving customers the option to repair their own devices is only a good thing, and we’re happy to see Apple continue to support the program. Now, where did we put those screws?

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