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A new Ghostbusters VR game is in the works for the Meta Quest 2

What's it gonna be called? Ghostbusters VR!

Meta is going all in on VR, scrapping the Oculus name, and replacing it with the company’s. It’s all in preparation for the metaverse, Zuck’s fantasy VR world that’s the biggest tech buzzword at the moment. Meta’s Gaming Showcase gave us a first-look at some of the games coming soon. And one particularly spooky title at the end caught our attention.

Arguably one of the biggest titles Meta has up its sleeve, the company announced it was working on a Ghostbusters VR game. It’s certain to be a hit with fans of the films. Though to play it, you can’t be afraid of no ghost (or get too queasy in a VR headset).

The game, being developed in partnership with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR), is set to be a multiplayer, interactive VR stint, that will see players bust ghosts with their ghostbusting gear. While the game will (obviously) be based on the films, expect there to be some creative freedom that deviates away from the source material.

There’s not too much Meta actually revealed about the game. Ghostbusters VR takes place in San Francisco, and allows players to track ghosts in a VR world, and bust them with a proton pack. You’ll be able to play with up to three other friends, or in solo missions. As for any storyline, there’s no word as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can watch Meta’s teaser for the game below:

If you’re interested in Ghostbusters VR, you can add it to your wishlist in the Quest Store. We’re currently unsure when Meta will release the upcoming game, but SPVR has promised to reveal more in the coming months. Let’s just hope no marshmallows sprout legs between now and then.

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