5 of the best iPhone alarm apps

Spare yourself the boss’s wrath with one of these ace alarm apps

The end of British Summer Time has brought to light an iPhone bug that sets the alarm an hour late. Spare yourself the boss’s wrath with one of these ace alarm apps…

Alarm Clock Connect

Billed as “the most advanced alarm clock app”, you can customise Alarm Clock Connect to wake you up with the day’s weather, calendar events, notes or freshly updated social feeds. So you can open your eyes to rain, a boring meeting and the fact that your friends are already up. Thankfully, there’s also a big snooze button and a gorgeous iPod skin.

[59p, iTunes]

Nightstand Central

App convergence – it’s the new big thing. Nightstand Central is a fully-featured alarm app with multiple alarms, access to your music, weather and customisable wallpaper. But shake it in the night, and you’ve got a kinetically-controlled flashlight app to find your way in the darkness.

[59p, iTunes]

Alarm Tunes

The default iPhone alarm sounds like a duck in a washing machine. Alarm Tunes, as the name suggests, replaces that with your choice of music. You can preview the tune and volume before going to bed to make sure it’s not too loud (or quiet), and if you misjudge your morning mood, you can shake it to randomise the playlist.

[59p, iTunes]

Radio Alarm-MP3/Radio/Nature Sound Alarm + Sleep Timer

Longest app name ever. But insomniacs can while away their sleepless nights fiddling with the billions of settings this internet radio alarm tool hides behind its handsome homescreen. The shake to wake function gets dozy people active first thing. In theory.

[£1.19, iTunes]

Clock Pro – Timers, Clocks & Alarm Clock

For when you must have every type of timing device ever invented, there’s Clock Pro. It has a chess clock, an egg timer, a metronome, a world clock and a project clock (whatever that is). If you ask it really nicely, it’ll even wake you up in the morning.

[59p, iTunes]

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