25 best alien movies ever

They come in peace! Well, some of them anyway. We've rounded up the best extraterrestrial excursions on the big screen

Extra-terrestials, aliens, otherworldy beings – however you describe them, they sure do make for great movie subjects. Here are 25 of the best worthy of your earthling eyes.

Alien (1979)

It wouldn't be an alien film list without Ridley Scott's horrific vision of that place where no-one can hear you scream. The titular creature – a Freudian nightmare designed by HR Giger – was never so terrifying in the sequels as when it stalks the unfortunate crew of the Nostromo. Fun fact: the role of Ripley was originally written as a man. That scene in which Sigourney Weaver wanders around in her pants at the end wouldn't have had quite the same effect on audiences as a hairy bloke in Y-fronts.

Ridley Scott will be trying to top Alien with his prequel, Prometheus – coming out in June.