Stick this tiny button to the back of your phone, and let it do your bidding

Want to LG-ify your handset? Now you can

Since the LG G2, we've been rather fond of rear buttons. They're easy to get to, out of the way, and rather convenient. If you're not rocking an LG handset however, then there's hope for you yet, thanks to the Air Button.

Available in single or double-button varieties which can be stuck to the rear of your Android smartphone, the Air Button lets you create all sorts of shortcuts from turning on your LED torch, to opening an app, firing up the camera, toggling data, and much more.

The shortcuts are customised through an app, but the real beauty of it all is that the button itself doesn't need recharging, because it doesn't rely on a battery for power. Instead, it cleverly uses your phone's rear NFC antenna for power, as its demand for juice is so low.

It's not going to change your life by any means, but it's a clever, simple, and very useful addition, if your phone supports it, and can be snapped up from US$15 right now, on Kickstarter.