Fitbit hopes built-in GPS on the new Charge 4 will keep the tracker market alive

Perfect for logging your government-approved jogs
31 March 2020 / 14:00BST

You can pick up a half-decent smartwatch for pretty cheap these days, and most smartwatches do fitness tracking. But Fitbit insists that there remains a market for its trackers, and the new Fitbit Charge 4 fixes our biggest gripe with the Charge 3 (and all previous Fitbit trackers), that is the lack of proper on-board GPS. You can now accurately track your runs without the need for your phone, propelled along the tarmac by your favourite running playlists on Spotify, which is also now built-in. The other new feature is called Active Zone Minutes, a new personalised standard based on your resting heart rate and age that tracks any workout that gets your heart going, from indoor biking to yoga, measuring the time you spend in each heart rate zone toward a weekly goal of 150 minutes. Otherwise it’s pretty much business as usual here: touchscreen navigation, sleep tracking, waterproofing, heart rate tracking, Fitbit Pay support and up to seven days of battery life. The £130 Fitbit Charge 4 will be available to buy from April 15. Review incoming.