Philips' new TV packs a more powerful processor for better OLED

It's one of the TVs you were, but weren't, waiting for
21 March 2017 / 7:00GMT

You’re a canny lot, so you’ve probably been hanging on until this year’s new TVs have knocked loadsamoney off the price of last year’s TVs. Savvy shopping. But now, you have to face down the allure of this year’s TVs, like this new one from Philips. It’s the company’s second OLED: a 55incher with a powerful new ‘P5’ processor creating HDR in the flavours of HDR10 and HLG. But the best thing about any Philips TV is the three-side LED-driven Ambilight cleverness that only accentuates the smashing 750Nit brightness and 99% DCI-P3 colours of the main panel. Maybe wait another year for this one to get cheap?