LG’s new CineBeam projector is as small as a bag of crisps

Bringing the cinema home
11 June 2020 / 15:06BST

The cinemas will stay closed until at least next month, but LG’s latest projector lets you recreate the big-screen experience at home. And when we say big, we mean it. When placed 10.8 feet away from a wall, the LG CineBeam PH30N ($399.99/£316) will give you a massive 100in picture, which is sure to draw a crowd outside your window. The 5in by 5in box is about the size of a bag of crisps, so storing it won’t be a problem. And its two-hour rechargeable battery should see you through most films when you’re away from a plug. Fire up Netflix and break out the popcorn (or crisps, maybe) – the cinema is coming home!