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LG’s super-light Gram Pro laptops include OLED screens and AI tricks

Smarter than your average laptop. And probably lighter too

What’s that? You thought LG was going to lag behind the PC AI trend? Not a chance. Kicking 2024 off with a slew of announcements (including a rather snazzy compact 4K projector and fresh OLED TVs), LG has also revealed a new range of ultra-lightweight Gram laptops ahead of CES 2024 in Vegas next week.

As with new laptops from the likes of MSI, one of the headline features of the Gram Pro range is the inclusion of Intel’s NPU (Neural Processing Unit), which is present in its latest series of processors. In the case of LG’s new range, that includes the Intel Core Ultra 5 and Ultra 7 processors, and the NPU itself is tasked with dealing with AI-specific tasks (even without a network connection) to help make everything run more smoothly and efficiently. Working in conjunction with LG’s Link app, it can carry out useful tasks like automatically categorising images and simplifying image searching.

The laptops themselves consist of the LG Gram Pro 16Z90SP and 17Z90SP (featuring 16in and 17in screens, respectively), with the former also available in an OLED flavour for users with a penchant for true blacks and punchy colours. Kitted out with an impressive Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU, they should be able to handle some relatively demanding gaming and creative tasks too, while the top-end weight of 1.379g makes for a rather portable machine, despite the impressive specs.

Elsewhere, LG has also introduced the Gram Pro 2-in-1, which has the additional functionality of a touchscreen OLED display, and a 360-hinge for transforming shenanigans. Lastly, there’s also the Gram 17, 16, 15, and 14 models (no prizes for guessing their respective screen sizes), which also feature Intel’s Core Ultra processors.

There’s no price or release date available at the time of writing, but we’re hoping to get the full details at CES 2024, where we’ll hopefully be able to take a few models for a spin.

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