Build your own PC with Kano’s Computer Kit Complete – and then learn to code

Do It Yourself – including putting the thing together
04 December 2017 / 15:00GMT

Older, greyer members of Team Stuff may wax lyrical about the halcyon days of home computing with a ZX Spectrum, BASIC, and type-in listings that never worked. But Kano’s Computer Kit Complete (£230) hurls you even further into the past: you can only start coding once you’ve put the thing together. Kano referring to the finished item as a ‘laptop’ is a stretch, unless you glue the 10.1-inch HD screen to the keyboard. (Stuff top tip: don’t do that.) And also, this one’s primarily aimed at kids. But with its DIY ethos, friendly nature, fun sensors, Raspberry Pi 3 brain, and coding challenges that gradually shift from drag-and-drop to typing in Python and shell commands, it could be just the thing for any wannabe coder intimidated by conventional solutions for grown-ups. Plus who doesn’t want a bright orange keyboard?

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