Amazon's Fire TV Blaster lets you speak to your TV and soundbar

Now Alexa can control your other home entertainment devices too
19 November 2019 / 16:58GMT

Controlling your Amazon Fire TV with Alexa voice commands is pretty handy, but the hands-free illusion breaks down when you're forced to grab a remote to control the TV, soundbar, or receiver. That's what the new Fire TV Blaster aims to fix. Amazon's accessory is meant for users who already have an Echo device and a Fire TV/Fire TV Stick, as it faces your home entertainment system and translates your voice requests into IR commands. Now you'll be able to control the volume, change channels, and switch TV inputs without reaching for a remote or leaving your seat. The Amazon Fire TV Blaster should work with a wide array of devices, much like a universal remote would, and it'll sell for £35 starting on 11 December. There's also a discounted bundle with a Fire TV Stick 4K and Echo Dot if you want to go all-in at once.

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