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Huawei’s sleek all-in-one MateStation X is ready to declutter your desk

Now available in the UK, for £1799.99

Huawei MateStation X front and back

Those of you with keen memories yet to be dulled by the incessant scraping of time might remember Huawei announcing multiple new devices back in February. One of those, the MateStation X, is now officially available to buy in the UK.

An all-in-one PC with a super slick, Apple-esque design, the MateStation X is dominated by a gorgeous 28.2in display, packed with a 4K+ (aka, 3840 x 2560) resolution. It’s a 3:2 ratio affair, with more vertical height for document and content reading, while an anti-reflective coating promises to eradicate up to 58 percent of screen reflections for a more comfortable viewing experience. It’s a touchscreen too, supporting up to ten touchpoints at once, along with an impressive 500 nits of peak brightness. It can be easily adjusted and raised with a single finger too, which suggests there’s nary a wobble or shake to be found in the overall build.

Under the hood you’ll find a very capable PC powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, along with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of nippy SSD storage. There’s no dedicated graphics card, mind, so hardcore gamers will want to look elewhere to get their high frame rate, ray tracing fix. For regular use and casual gaming though, the MateStation X should see you in good stead.

All that power should be adequately cooled too, thanks to Huawei’s shark fin fan tech with super-thin blades for improved cooling and lower noise levels. On the sound front, you’ll find a three-speaker sound system powered by Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching (SAM) tech, which promises “room-moving, rich sounds with depth.” That’s joined by built-in microphones that promise to pick up and deliver clear audio from as far as five metres away, with AI-powered noise-cancellation tech to reduce pesky background noise.

Huawei smartphone and device owners can also take advantage of the company’s new Super Device feature, which lets you effortlessly enjoy convenient one-drag connections between the devices for easy file sharing and communication, in a similar way to Apple’s own device ecosystem. Files on a Huawei smartphone can, for example, be opened and edited on the PC, before being saved again to the phone itself, and pairing is a simple as tapping your phone against the included keyboard.

If that all sounds good then the whole setup can be yours for £1799.99 from today, directly from Huawei’s store.

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