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The wide-angle LomoApparat is a fun 35mm throwback

Lomography's latest point and shoot film cam gets the whole picture

Lomo Apparat camera hot stuff

The Lomography LomoApparat proves film fans don’t need to stick to charity shops or online auctions to add something fresh and funky to their collection: this wide-angle point-and-shoot is all new, packed with features, and comes with an accessory bundle that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

Analogue artisan Lomography’s newest 35mm compact camera lands in two editions. The black leather version is the more restrained of the two, with design nods to classic cams from the 50s and 60s. The Neubau edition is a whole lot more distinct, with tan Italian leather over a white body with turquoise accents.

Both have 21mm wide-angle fixed lenses that’ll squeeze a fair whack more of a scene into your snaps compared to a 35mm compact, and a selection of attachments for mixing up your shooting style. The close-up attachment is good for a 20cm focus distance, the Splitzer can manage multiple exposures, and the Kaleidoscope will turn your pics into something straight out of the Multiverse of Madness.

Lomo Apparat camera colour choices

Each camera will swallow any 35mm film (not just Lomography’s own wide selection of differently treated rolls) and promises the sort of characterful snaps you’d expect from analogue. Think film grain, moody contrast, deeply saturated colours and distinctive vignetting.

The built-in flash slides out of the body to reveal interchangeable coloured gel filters, which can give pics a distinctive new hue. There’s also a a long exposure function, with everything else being fixed so you don’t need to fiddle with settings every time you want to press the shutter button.

The LomoApparat is on sale right now directly from the Lomography store. Expect to pay £89 for the black edition, or £99 for the Neubau edition. Photography fans can guarantee to get their camera before Christmas if they pick express shipping

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