New Yamaha soundbars squeeze big sound into small packages

Make some noise for the C20A and B20A
19 August 2020 / 15:36BST

The buffest male Onthophagus taurus dung beetle can lift 1140 times its own body weight. Pretty impressive for something that’s only about a centimetre long. What’s that got to do with Yamaha’s new C20A (£219, pictured) and B20A (£249) soundbars? Well if its previous products are anything to go by, we’re expecting a similar size-to-sound performance. The 100-watt C20A is the more compact of the two at just 60cm wide, but you still get twin drivers and a 3in subwoofer. The metre-wide, 120-watt B20A has larger drivers and adds a pair of tweeters, plus it supports DTS Virtual:X, which is meant to simulate a full 7.1.4 surround-sound set-up. Both come with HDMI ARC connections, Bluetooth, and Yamaha’s Clear Voice mode. Plop one easily underneath your sensibly sized TV in the autumn.