Get the socially distanced party jumpin’ with Sony’s beefy X series speakers

Light on wires, heavy on volume
22 April 2021 / 12:16BST

Parties may be little more than a vague, half-remembered concept for you at this point, but if you’re plotting a spate of music-fuelled shindigs once COVID-19 has been given the heave-ho, Sony’s X series speakers (from £319/€369, available June 2021) are well worth a look. Top of the trio is the XP700, IPX4 water-resistant and toting three front tweeters and one rear tweeter for full-bodied omnidirectional sound, while the slightly smaller (IPX4-rated) XP500 and (IP66 water- and dust-proof) XG500 models come with two tweeters. All three speakers have rechargeable batteries, inputs for mics and guitars (for when karaoke calls), ambient dynamic lighting and Party Connect, enabling up to 100 of them to be linked up at once. Now that sounds like a party.