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A2D2 lets you connect your analogue music device to smart speakers

The audio accessory lets you hook up your music device to AirPlay, Chromecast, and Sonos

A2D2 Accessory next to record player

Music lovers have probably had to decide between their vintage vinyl and the convenience of smart speakers at one point or another. Unfortunately, the two don’t usually play nice with one another. Want to play those old-school tunes but also want to bask in the glory of modern technology? A2D2’s nifty accessory lets you connect any analogue audio device – think record players, tape decks, CD players – to your smart speaker network.

Using the A2D2, you can add compatibility with the big boys like Sonos, Chromecast, AirPlay, and even Alexa to your analogue music device​​. How does it work? A2D2 converts your analogue audio into a stable, high-quality digital stream that can be played over Wi-Fi on almost any device that can handle digital audio​​. You get to stream your classic records through your state-of-the-art smart speaker setup.

Once you’ve got things set up, you can control playback through the companion app. What’s more, is that the A2D2 supports multi-room listening, so you can play through multiple speakers at once. And, of course, since it’s streaming music over Wi-Fi, you can play music on any smart speaker in your home.

Need A2D2’s accessory to smarten up your music listening? You can order the music device directly from the brand for £119. It’ll begin shipping out later this year in December.

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