Stuff Gadget Awards 2017: Vote for the Game of the Year

It's been an amazing year for games, but which gets your vote?

Another year, another fantastic crop of console games vying for a Stuff Gadget Award.

So, what's on the list? Well, with the launch of the Nintendo Switch this year it's no surprise to see a couple of perennial Ninty favourites make an appearance. OK, so Mario Odyssey isn't out yet - that'll be eligible for next year's Awards - but we loved the portly plumber's outing in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, so that makes the cut. And of course everyone's favourite princess-saving hero Link returns in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Over on PlayStation, we loved the robo-dinosaurs-meets-open-world-adventure of Horizon: Zero Dawn, while the cross-platform Resident Evil 7 and Prey both brought the scares. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 may only have come out a few weeks ago, but we've already put in enough hours to know that it deserves its place here. And finally, we couldn't leave out the Steam sensation that is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It's coming to Xbox soon and we can't wait...   

Now the hard bit: chosing between them. In fact, we found it so tough that we decided to let you do it instead. Simply scroll down the page for our selection and tick the game that you think is most deserving of the title, then press the 'Submit' button. We'll have the results for you on November 2nd, when we'll be publishing our full Stuff Gadget Awards 2017 winners in both the December issue of the magazine and this website.