Shocks and surprises: 17 of Apple’s best keynote reveals

iPod! iMac! iPhone! iPad! — and also some things not starting with ‘i’!

Before we all became terribly jaded through having Apple rumours relentlessly smashed into our eyeballs, Apple events were full of genuine surprises.

And even in recent years, Apple has on occasion provided the odd shock, through somehow keeping things secret or going above and beyond speculation.

In this round-up, we’ve scoured Apple’s history to find our favourite moments of Apple-oriented astonishment, showmanship, and that phrase that once sent chills down the backs of every Apple fan: "one more thing…"

Steve Jobs WWDC Q&A (1997)

In 1997, Apple was actually beleaguered, and Steve Jobs had returned as a consultant, having yet to become ‘iCEO’. At WWDC, his Q&A with developers was at odds with corporate presentations of the time. Surprising in its humanity, this event within an event showcased where Apple would head over the next decade.