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I think these are the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever used – and they’re sustainable, too

The $200/£160 unisex Condor 3 is Veja’s third version of the sustainable brand’s neutral running shoe first introduced in 2019

Veja Condor 3

The $200/£160 unisex Condor 3 is Veja’s third version of the sustainable brand’s neutral running shoe first introduced in 2019 and followed up with a second version in 2021.

Over and above everything else, the Condor 3 is intended to leave a lighter footprint on the planet, with a medium-hard midsole formed from Amazonian rubber and sugarcane-based foam (or EVA).

Everything is produced in Brazil – even down to the organic cotton used for the reliable laces which didn’t come undone at all, despite being very flimsy in feel.

The manufacturing process is also unashamedly ethical, using local Brazillian workers which they pay a living wage. A lot of manufacturers talk the talk in these areas, but Veja walks the walk (or, OK, runs the run).

So although these shoes certainly aren’t cheap, you are definitely buying into a sustainable ethos and that is becoming increasingly important for many when they buy apparel and equipment.

The Condor 3 certainly have a kind of instant appeal to them. The quality of the materials is high and there’s definitely a finese to the design and finished product. They really look the part and the design just looks really fresh.

They’re instantly comfortable on the foot. The cushioning is excellent – they’re mega comfortable and the L-FOAM cushion is designed to (and does) absorb as much vibration as possible.

The tongue and upper are especially comfortable around the ankle and you feel nicely supported. The lightweight mesh is also highly breathable but it won’t bring you any protection against inclement weather; not that you’d expect it to.

It’ll also be interesting to give these shoes a longer-term view as to how long they will last. They certainly feel as though they will go on and on, but only time will tell on that front.

Excellent cushioning

Veja has clearly worked hard in the labs to perfect the pressure distribution and cushioning of these shoes (287g for US 9/UK8/EU 42) but they do highly prioritise comfort over being lightweight – they definitely feel on the heavy side and regular runners may feel they are too clumpy on the foot. They do run a little small, so you’ll probably need to plump for the next size up.

Veja Condor 3

I didn’t mind the weight but they certainly have the feel of leisure runners rather than something that you can run in every day – if you’re used to something a little lighter, you’ll almost certainly set your best time in those instead. I took them on a work trip to Paris and they quite happily double up as everyday training shoes if packing space is tight.

The Condor 3 is available in three quite different designs. The colourway of my review pair is referred to as Areia White Gradient, which doesn’t really do it justice in my opinion!

I also found it to be quite a divisive design – I quite liked it and as I said above I thought they really looked the part, but others found them a bit gaudy. Still, for those who want something more subtle there are predominantly white and black versions available too.

So this is a really sold, high quality running shoe then with a great sustainable ethos and top comfort – providing you don’t mind the weight.

And while that will be a sticking point for many so-called serious runners, it isn’t such a problem for casual runs. If you only go out a couple of times a week you certainly won’t be disappointed by what’s on offer from the Condor 3.  

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