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I’m replacing my robo vac with Eufy’s new X10 Omni that’s cleaned its way into my heart

It vacuums and mops all around your home, is one of the smartest vacs kicking about, and offers some of the strongest suction.

eufy X10 Omni while cleaning

Late last year, I got my first robot vacuum cleaner, and it was a game changer. It was the SwitchBot K10+, one of the smallest options on the market. I’ve loved using it and it’s still great. In fact, it was my favourite gadget from 2023. And I’ll certainly miss the fact it’s one of the few robo vacs that can actually clean under the bed (yes, I’m one of those people). But my fickle home-cleaning heart has a new favourite, and that’s the Eufy X10 Omni.

The Eufy Clean X10 Omni is a properly multi-purpose vac that can also cope with moulting pets and doesn’t demand regular detangling. It combines mopping and vacuuming with some of the smartest features, making it a pretty solid offering. And it’s replacing my existing robot vacuum, because it absolutely deserves that spot.

Cleaning never felt so easy

The best part about the X10 Omni is that it almost entirely looks after itself. Save from having to actually set it up, and filling up (or emptying) the water tank on the base station, you can forget it’s there. This robo vac automatically empties itself into the base station, wets the mop, cleans the mop, and dries the mop. If you’ve got lots of floor space to clean, Eufy‘s latest will return home to empty the full dustbin, or to recharge and then carry on with the job. No more stranded cries when you get home.

On the vacuum side, the X10 Omni is a powerful dust-sucker. It promises 8000Pa of powerful suction to suck up all the grime and pet hairs that might be hiding in your carpet. There’s a rolling brush that uses rubber and bristles to pick up everything that’s suck in your carpet. And there’s what can only be described as a little comb that brushes over the brush at the end of each clean to keep it free from hair tangles. I’ve not had to deal with any detangles yet, and I can notice a clean carpet after each use. The neat lines in the carpet are somewhat pleasing as well, but that might just be me being weird.

eufy X10 Omni specs

Looking at the mopping side, the X10 Omni is more than capable of making your kitchen floor shine. It can apply 1kg of downward pressure to the mops that rotate at 180 RPM. Since the robo vac actually carries some water on board, the mop will stay wet during the entire clean. Eufy reckons it can clean stains as stubborn as day-old coffee spills. And from using the vac, I reckon they’re right. There were a few tea splashes on the kitchen floor when I used the X10 Omni for the first time. They’d been there for at least a few days, but this roboc vac wiped them up on the first pass. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

Then we come to some of the smarts. The X10 Omni can detect when it’s on carpet or a hard floor. It’ll actually raise the mop as it goes onto carpet, so it doesn’t get any water on there. The clever AI See tech uses regular cameras to actually detect obstacles. It doesn’t store any of the data – the idea is just to prevent any collisions. Eufy reckons it can detect over 100 obstacles, and I find it rather satisfying to look at what it’s found in the app. Of course, the usual LiDAR and 3D sensors still reside in Eufy’s latest, which it uses to find its way around and map out your home in the first place. A detachable plate in the base station is great for cleaning, but there are a couple more satisfying smarts that you’ll find on this robo vac.

The Eufy X10 Omni cleaning the edges

To make sure that it can park up at the base station properly every time, the X10 Omni’s base station comes with a little ramp. It lines the wheels up perfectly, so it can roll straight onto the charger. There’s something about watching this little robot use a ramp that’s immensely satisfying. And it’s great that it doesn’t struggle with parking and just give up, which is something my old robo vac did. And to make sure it cleans right up to the edges when mopping, Eufy’s latest does something called an Edge-Hugging Clean. It can only be described as the same motion as shutting the fridge door with your bum. It’s entertaining to watch this little dance, and you get completely clean floors at the end. A win-win, if you ask me.

Everything and the kitchen sink

Eufy’s thought about everything with the X10 Omni. Using the brand’s latest robo vac has shown me everything I’ve been missing up until now. It’s also shown me I’m a bit of a saddo when it comes to home cleaning… while writing this… for people to see. Oh well.

And while I will miss the petite size of my old robo vac that lets it crawl into tight spots, the X10 Omni is simply one of the best cleans you can go for. For €799/£700, Eufy’s latest cleaning machine is a very compelling offer. You’ll find it roaming my floors from now on.

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