The first 8 enhanced games to play in 4K on the Xbox One X

Pop these glossed-up beauties into your new super-console

Microsoft has developed the most powerful games console in existence, and you can buy it starting today: it's the Xbox One X.

Yes, it's still an Xbox One at heart, and it'll work with the same games and peripherals as the original Xbox One and last year's 4K-upscaling Xbox One S. But the Xbox One X packs in a heap of extra raw processing power, turning out eye-melting 4K/HDR experiences that you can savour… assuming you have a 4K TV, of course.

But you'll only see the big visual boost if an Xbox One game is enhanced for the new console, and not every game offers that – or has been patched to support it at this point. Looking for a few games to showcase the £449 console right now? Here are the eight that we recommend starting with.

Additional words by Rob Leedham