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BMW’s 2025 X models display info across the windscreen – but there’s a classic feature I love, too

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X brings etro vibes but a fresh look for the future iX3 and the rest of the X series

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

We’ve known for a little while that BMW’s sedans were going to get a radical overhaul from 2025 with the Neue Klasse concept previewed back in February.

And now it’s the turn of the X series to get its new look previewed. But I think the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X is actually a little less radical than its brother. Whereas the sedan has a new horizontal version of the BMW ‘kidney’ grille, the X model concept has the traditional BMW ‘kidney’ grille in place – a classic feature that I absolutely love (albeit with a new 3D look).

The feature obviously has vibes from previous classic BMWs such as the 3.0 CSL and even the more modern cars such as the latest M3.

“We feel that actually fits [better] with the more vertically oriented presence of an SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle)”, said Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW design to Stuff. “So with these two Vision cars you get a bit of an idea of where we’re going with our front ends in the near future. Of course as we introduce more cars, there will be a bit more variety, but these will be the two basic archetypes.”

The new models will come into play from 2025 onwards and so it doesn’t take genius to deduce that what you’re looking at is, essentially, the next-gen iX3. BMW says the first of the new models is set to go into production in Hungary during 2025.

Crucially, both Neue Klasse variants have a new BMW ‘light signature’ where the quad headlights familiar from other BMWs are replaced by four vertical LED bars. And the horizontal rear lights also hark back to BMWs of old.

We first saw some of this design language back at the beginning of 2023 with the iVison Dee concept, albeit without the colour-changing tech we’ve seen concepts of from the brand in recent times. The famous Hofmeister kink is replicated in the look of the side windows using a reflective print which changes depending on the viewing angle.

Cutting-edge technology is naturally placed front and centre – literally – with a customisable display across the full width of the windscreen (known as BMW Panoramic Vision) reflecting the latest gen of BMW’s iDrive tech which will be integrated in the vehcle (we know that BMW doesn’t want to go down the route of fully integrating Apple Car or Android Auto dashboards). There will also be an enhanced BMW 3D Head-Up Display too.

In the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X there’s also a new integrated central touchscreen designed for use by both front pasengers as well as a redesigned ‘Hypersonx’ steering wheel since you no longer need to be able to look through the wheel to see the instrument cluster.

With the tide seemingly moving toward touchscreens – but with Euro NCAP calling for a return to physical controls – how does BMW see that evolving in Neue Klasse?  “I was expecting this question because it’s exactly what everybody’s talking about” said Stephan Durach, head of BMW’s connected technologies.”

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

You know, there are certain physical elements which will be there in this car for sure. We always have a discussion about a simple thing like a volume button. Do you need a volume button or not? We can do it on the software. But the car will have a volume button. If you want to turn something analogue up and down or you just want to shut it down [then] a physical button is the best solution.”

“But on the other hand, there are the other things you really can get rid of it because of voice interaction or with touch, you can easily do it. Actually we want to get to a point where the system is much more smarter and proposes certain things to you at a certain point in time. I think that’s what this concept is all about. It’s getting rid of redundancies and displaying and controlling everything at the right point in time at the right location.”

There are some trendy personalisations in the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, too, including colours shown on the screen also reflected in the ambient lighting and the instrument panel. A button on the wheel also enables you to generate real-time audio to match any trip.

BMW also says the new vehicles will feature the sixth generation of its eDrive technology more dense, round lithium-ion battery cells in a new 800V system. The company says this is set to improve charging speed by up to 30% and enabling 30% more range. With the right charger, you could get enough charge for 300km in just 10 minutes.

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