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I travelled 7428km with the Anker Prime Power Bank on a single charge

How the Anker Prime Power Bank is an idiotproof essential.

Anker Power Bank

Within the space of ten days, I had travelled from Manchester to Stockholm and back, and onwards to Marseille. From there, I took a train to Paris, a Eurostar under the channel to London, and returned home. Then, I had just enough time to wash my clothes before heading off to IFA 2023 in Berlin. That’s a round journey of 7428km, give or take. Thankfully, I had a portable charger to fuel the travel.

Before I departed, I made sure all my travel basics were covered. I had my passport, packed shorts for the south of France and a coat for the north of England. I had British Sterling, Swedish Krona and Euros, and memorised how to say “thank you” in three languages (I already speak English). The one thing I consistently forgot to do however, was charge my Anker Prime Power Bank.

Anker Power Bank

Every time I had a quick stop at home, the Anker Power Bank would sit in the compartment of my suitcase designated for sweet wrappers and assorted, airport security compliant liquids. And every time I realised once I reached my destination, I’d curse myself. A portable charger is a vital piece of kit when navigating an unknown city. Given how I’ve been phone batteryless and lost in a different country more than once, I should have learned. I haven’t, but thankfully, the Anker Power Bank never ran out of juice. Not once.

I was using the Anker Prime 27,650mAh Power Bank. With a capacity of 27,650mAh and 250W of power, this battery pack kept me connected without needing (or forgetting) to charge it up. It holds 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, and can be used to charge up pretty much any device. It’s a weighty little device, but is sturdy enough to withstand long trips riddled with baggage handlers who treat your suitcases like shot puts.

It’ll boost a MacBook Pro 16in to 50% in around 30 minutes, while Anker says it can fully charge an iPhone 14 approximately 4.67 times. I was using an iPhone 13. It’s an old model, but one that I could accidentally leave on the Berlin U-Bahn and not be left heartbroken. A handy screen shows details such as input and output voltage and current, and the bank can be recharged using two different voltages for super speedy juicing.

It should go without saying that my phone didn’t solely survive on a power bank for ten days. I mostly have hotel rooms with USB chargers to thank for that. Still, the charging power of the Prime Power Bank far exceeded Anker’s claims. At 100%, the power bank will fully charge my phone 5.9 times. I discovered that through the accompanying Anker app, which offers real-time data.

Through the app, I could check how many charges I had left, assess power bank battery health and optimise charging to increase or reduce output power. If I had misplaced the power bank, I could use the ‘Find Device’ feature to locate the power bank with a sound alert. The power bank is also 99.54Wh, meaning it meets the requirements of the TSA <100Wh and can be taken on airplanes in the US as carry-on baggage.

Fundamentally, the Anker Prime Power Bank is an idiotproof essential. One I wouldn’t travel another 7428km without.

Anker’s range of power banks are available to shop here.

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