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5 of the best AirTag alternatives for Android

You don’t have to miss out tracking if you’re rocking an Android handset. And here’s the proof


Lost your keys again? Wallet gone walkabout? Fear not, Android users — you don’t need an iPhone to keep tabs on your prized possessions. We’ve rounded up some of the best AirTag alternatives to help rescue your bits and bobs from the abyss of forgetfulness. Otherwise known as the Side of the Sofa.

Motorola Moto Tag


The newly unveiled Motorola Moto Tag isn’t quite out at the time of writing, but you can pre-order it if you’re keen. As for why you’d want to? Well, there are plenty of reasons, the main one being that it’s compatible with Google’s newly upgraded Find My Device network, which means you’ve got a veritable army of Android devices out there, all ready and willing to help you track down your lost items. It’s not just reliant on Bluetooth either. It’s packing the convenient power of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which means if your phone’s got a UWB chip (like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra), you can pinpoint your lost item with the sort of precision that’ll make a GPS module blush. An IP67 rating laughs in the face of downpours, and it can even reverse-locate your phone. Throw in its ability to double up as a remote camera shutter for your phone, a convenient CR2032 coin cell battery (which’ll keep it ticking for a full year before), and there’s plenty of reasons to pre-order ahead of its imminent release date. Oh, and it should also fit into existing AirTag cases — a cheeky-yet-brilliant design feature that we’re sure Apple loves.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2


Samsung’s answer to Apple’s AirTag pulls no punches, with its second-generation tracker bringing a slew of useful features to the table. Its IP67 rating lets it fend off water with ease, while an incredible 120-metre Bluetooth range trounces Apple’s 10-metre alternative. If that wasn’t enough, its battery life is seriously impressive, with up to a massive 500-700 days of regular use at its disposal. In other words, that’s at least a year and a bit of tracking before you even have to think about topping up — impressed yet? The only (major) catch is that you’ll need a Samsung smartphone, with at least 3GB of RAM and running Android 11 or newer. If you’ve got an Android device from another manufacturer, then you’re out of luck, which is a massive shame. Come on Samsung, tear those walls down.

Tile Pro


Tile has been in the tracking game longer than most, and there are plenty of features in its Pro tracker worthy of your attention. It’s designed to take a beating, for a start, thanks to a durable metal body and an IP67 rating to fend off water damage. Its 400ft Bluetooth range isn’t too shabby either, while its replaceable CR2032 battery should see it diligently tracking away for around a year before a replacement is needed. Best of all, is the fact that it’s platform agnostic, playing nice with both Android and iPhone devices. Isn’t that lovely? The only potential downside is the fact that you’ll need to pay for a monthly Tile Premium subscription (from $2.99/£2.99 a month) if you want more advanced features such as Smart Alerts, which trigger automatic notifications when your Tile Pro has moved away from you.

Pebblebee Clip


The Pebblebee Clip is a veritable Swiss Army knife in the Bluetooth tracker world, crammed with useful features that make it worthy of your cash. It’s got a rechargeable battery, for a start, with a single charge lasting up to an impressive six months of use. It’s even got a USB-C port. How’s that for convenience? A built-in clip also lets you attach it to your keys, bag, or even your pet’s collar, while an LED light lets you easily locate it in the dark. It even has a crowd find feature — if you’ve lost something beyond Bluetooth range, other Pebblebee users can anonymously help locate your item. If that wasn’t enough, it also works with both Apple’s Find My network and Android devices, and will even work with Google’s upcoming Find My device network.

Chipolo One

If you’re after something a bit more colourful in your quest for the best AirTag alternatives, then you’ll want to consider the Chipolo One, which is available in a rainbow of hues. Looks aside, it’s got plenty going for it, including a rather ear-piercing 120dB alarm that should ensure you won’t miss its hiding spot when it’s frantically calling out for you. It can also ring your misplaced phone even if it’s on silent, simply by giving it a squeeze. Playing nice with both iOS and Android devices, it doesn’t require any additional monthly subscription for features, which is a very welcome breath of untainted air. Sadly, its battery isn’t replaceable, which isn’t great on the sustainability front. It’ll give you up to two years of use though, with a discount offered on a replacement.

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