Smartwatch of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
A Cupertino classic of form-meets-function, this is a taptic ticker fitting for any wrist. A delicious display, barrage of bespoke apps and savings-draining straps make it a subtly significant strap-on success.

The runners-up

An AMOLED eye-pleaser with Sapphire Crystal frontage, Huawei’s Watch is premium Android Wear with a price tag to match. One of the best-looking smartwatches we've seen so far.

This bulky-bodied, metal-bezelled beauty is full-round OLED opulence with real-world usability. An ample battery means two days of the latest and greatest Android Wear iteration.

Its fast-functioning, flat-tyre frontage and wireless-charging wizardry make the latest Moto 360 one of the most appealing of Android Wear wrist-wrappers we've tried.

One for the geologists, Pebble’s always-on accessory gets a metallic upgrade. Eminently wearable with notification know-how, it’s a pared-back phone partner that’s truly easy to live with.