Hi-fi Gadget of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
Sonos’ biggest boomer is back, as punchy, clear and composed as ever, in a simple shell that’s perfectly-suited to multi-room music magic. It’s a fitting flagship for in-house audio.

The runners-up

Audio Pro Addon T3

Classically stylish and robust to boot, the T3’s bulky body is a well-built beats box with a fullness of sound that belies its wire-free portability and more than justifies the price hike over pocketable rivals.

Premium sound meets supreme style as Bowers & Wilkins finally snips the cables on its classic airship-inspired one-box hi-fi to create a seriously desirable, properly powerful streamer.

A super streamer sleek enough for any sideboard, Cambridge Audio’s latest feature-filled machine stuffs superior sound quality and vast file support into a box that’s a beauty to use.

Geneva Aerosphere Large

It might look like a heavy-set helium hoverer, but Geneva’s mains-powered music maker is as impressive to listen to as it is to see. Spend £150 on the stand for a seriously striking sound solution.

Bringing aluminium luxury to on-the-go audio, KEF’s Bluetooth bar sounds as good as it looks. Brilliantly-balanced, room-filling sound makes this a battery boomer that’s both style and substance.

Ruark R2 Mk3

An all-in-one audio box with divine dynamics and a raft of streaming features, this third-gen device delivers design to make the furniture jealous and quality to have the hi-fi quivering.

Stylish sound that packs a rolly polly punch, UE’s waterproof palm-filler packs a built-in bungee cord for total attachability and a size and quality that makes it unrivalled in its versatility.