Computer of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
Its moniker might be mystifying, but Apple’s singular vision for a lovely laptop distills excellent performance, a super screen and perfect portability into a desirable do-it-all device.

The runners-up

Powerful performance in a portable package, the smaller Pro is hardly revolutionary, but its combo of Force Touch trackpad tech and general versatility keeps it up there with the best knee-warmers.

There’s no mistaking the button-mashing raison d’etre of this gaming 'top, with its chunkily unsubtle, fin-cooled rear and whopping great 17.3in screen – and 32GB of RAM-powered performance to boot.

Stealing the show from the Cupertino crew, this 12mm-thin, 1.2kg luxury featherweight is anything but light on power. Solid state makes for brilliant battery life and it has a super screen shoved in, too.

True to its name, this slimline stunner packs a super-sharp screen designed for the web and a battery good for 12hrs, while offline office smarts make it more than just a pretty browser.

The junior version of Microsoft's is-it-a-laptop-no-it's-a-tablet devices can now run full Windows software rather than the hamstrung RT kind, making it a genuinely attractive (and cheap) hybrid.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Packing power and pretties in equal measure, Toshiba’s polished offering is an all-round on-the-go Chromebook, with a delicious display, cracking keyboard and bargain price.