Car of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
Safe, stylish and a dream to drive, the new XC90 is a tech-toting titan that’s both swift and economical, with smarts to make a genius jealous and genuinely useful on-the-road driver aids.

The runners-up

Ariel Nomad

The off-road offspring of a track-day titan, Ariel’s Nomad is pure mucky goodness. Aggressively styled for all-surface speed, super suspension and lightweight exo-strength make it a real rally racer.

Audi RS3

Powerful performance meets high-end hot hatch, the RS3 is a brute of a four-door, four-wheel drive family wagon – packing 362bhp to reach the national speed limit in fewer than 5s.

Best of the bonkers SUV bunch, this brutally brilliant fuel-guzzler is savagely fast both on and off the tarmac, with sublime handling, terrifying torque and a premium price tag to match.

Ripping up the road with 691bhp in a one-speed, world-saving supercar is seriously special, particularly when it’s as sublimely stylish and effortlessly, electrically quiet as the P85D.

High-efficiency, hydrogen-fuelled electric tech in a strikingly styled shell: production numbers of the Mirai might be minimal, but it’s a symbol of future fuel cell transport made real.

VW Golf R

Raw power and refined sophistication might sound an impossible combination, but the German marque’s Golf R jams the two together to deliver the ultimate in pocket rocket fun.