Six of the best video editing apps

Turn your home movie clips into Cannes-worthy mini-epics with a few simple swipes

We hate to break it to you, but nobody wants to watch your 17-minute video of your two-year-old learning to hop. Ditto that nine-minute film of your cat attacking its own reflection. Even the two-minute clip of your drunken friend falling down an escalator is too long.

Cut out the boring bits, add some transitions and give it a soundtrack, though, and it'll be social media gold. So download one of these video editors and get cracking on your very own director's cut version. After all, you've only got another 16-and-a-half minutes to chop out.

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The benchmark video app, iMovie should have a home on every iOS device. For starters it makes it ridiculously easy to splice together footage shot on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, but there's a lot more to it than that.

You can also use it to add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your work of art - and if you want to cheese it up, you can take your pick from a bunch of TV-style templates and movie trailer themes. Essential.

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Platform: iOS Price: £2.99

Download iMovie here

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Pinnacle Studio

While iMovie is great at what it does, it's clearly geared more towards casual use. So if you're looking step it up to the next level, try Pinnacle Studio. This long-established editor - the desktop version has been around since the '90s - adds more complex transitions between clips and some fancy picture-in-picture effects (some are in-app purchases).

You also get control over the placing of captions and titles and you can use imports too. There’s a bit more waiting, though, so work your tea break around the rendering.

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Platform: iOS Price: £8.99

Download Pinnacle Studio here


There’s nothing to worry iMovie or Pinnacle Studio on Android, but VidTrim works well with single clips from your device or elsewhere. You can trim footage, add music and retro or psychedelic effects and export the result as an MP4. There’s a free version, or you can pay £2.45 to remove the watermark and get 1080p support.

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Platform: Android Price: from £free

Download VidTrim free here / Download VidTrim Pro here

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Great roundup of Video Editing apps. The one challenge I have with all of these apps is their interface. They look like you took video editing software from a desktop computer with a 27" screen and squished it onto a 5" screen. It's far too busy and needlessly complex. 

There's a couple of apps I've seen that have done a good job at reimagining the video ediitng experience on a small screen and still give you the essential features, for example "Video Edit+". It as a very simple interface and I can still add titles, music, trim my video, etc. It's worth checking out if you have a moment



In my opinion one of the best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad is Videocraft. It is a complete multi-track video editor and movie maker full of features, unlimited video clips and photos, trim crop, scale, add music, voice recording, sound effects, images from your camera roll, text with different fonts and sizes, blur to censor part of the videos, reverse, slow/fast motion, choose the aspect ratio, background color, etc.

I've been using this ios app for a few weeks, and so far it's been pretty good. It's a different take on the video editor, but I've been using it as my default video camera pretty often. looks like it's ios only though.

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