New rechargeable Beats by Dre Studio headphones hit shelves today

Dr. Dre's latest aural prescription features active noise-cancelling tech with rechargeable batteries

The new Beats Studio headphones are available for bass-lovers to pick up from Selfridges today, for £270.

For your cash, you'll be getting rechargeable cans which ditch the replaceable batteries of old and promise 20 hours of use from each charge.

As before, the Beats Studio headphones won't work at all once the juice runs out, so you'll be needing a backup pair of headphones if you're planning to fly across to Australia anytime soon.

Active noise-cancelling tech is also built in, just in case the injection of booming bass directly into your cochleas isn't enough to drown out fellow commuters.

Only 30 pairs will be available from Selfridges in London's Oxford Street today, but there'll be plenty more units waiting to hug your ears from September.

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