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Stay safe and smart for less with Swann’s affordable home security tech

Three smart home shortcuts to peace of mind

Taking your first steps into smart home security needn’t be expensive or complicated. Swann’s family of affordable products is designed to keep things simple and straightforward, with easy DIY installation, a choice of wired and wireless setups and everything controllable through the Swann Security mobile app.

Swann’s products are also scalable, making them the perfect jump-off point into a safer, more secure home that can be levelled up later on when your needs grow. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at three great ways to begin your smart home security journey – or check out all of Swann’s current special offers.

Swann Xtreem Security Camera (£179.99)

Setup is a cinch with this indoor/outdoor security camera: it requires no power or AV cables thanks to its long-life rechargeable batteries (they last up to six months between charges) and wireless video transmission. Just secure the mounting plate to your chosen spot, then lock the camera in place – thanks to its magnetic mount, it can be easily adjusted or temporarily removed without the need to pull out a toolbox – and connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network. It’s built to work in all weather conditions, and can even be hooked up to an optional solar panel to remove the need to recharge it at all.

Triggered by heat generated by people, vehicles and large animals, the camera captures a detailed 1080p image, day or night, and triggers push notifications on your smartphone when it starts recording. It can also live stream video on demand to Chromecast and Alexa devices with screens, and record clips to local memory (a 16GB microSD card is included) or free cloud storage. There’s a mic and speaker built in too, so you can have two-way conversations with people near the camera: perfect for scaring off an intruder or telling a delivery driver the safest spot to leave your package.

Click here for more info or to buy: Swann Xtreem Security Camera

SwannBuddy Video Doorbell (£99.99)

You can find much of the same smart technology squeezed inside the SwannBuddy, a compact video doorbell. Using the same heat- and motion-based True Detect system as the Xtreem, it starts capturing 1080p Full HD video whenever a person, car or large animal moves into its 180º wide-angle field of view. Its IP56-rated build is tough enough to withstand the elements, its infrared night vision sees up to 5m in the dark and it comes with the option to run off its own 6500mAh rechargeable battery or run off your existing doorbell wiring. The battery-powered Chime Unit speaker, meanwhile, operates totally wirelessly: carry it around the house (it has a 20m range from the doorbell) or mount it on the wall with double-sided tape.

Videos can be stored locally (a 32GB microSD card comes included) or in the cloud, or just like with the Xtreem, can be live streamed via any Alexa or ‘Hey Google’ device with a screen.

Click here for more info or to buy: SwannBuddy Video Doorbell

Swann Wi-Fi Alert Sensors (from £29.99)

Swann also offers wide range of wireless sensors, allowing you to build a home security setup to your exact requirements. When these sensors are tripped, you’ll get a notification sent straight to you via Swann’s mobile app.

All of these sensors are 100% wireless, running off AA or AAA battery power and connecting to your home network via Wi-Fi, and beautifully easy to fit with the included double-sided tape – no drilling required!

You can buy Swann’s entire suite of Wi-Fi Alert Sensors in a single package for £169.99, or just purchase the ones you need from the following range:

Window/Door Alert Sensor (£29.99 or £57.99 for two-pack)

Protect the entryways to your property with this sensor, which detects movement around window and door frames.

Motion Alert Sensor (£29.99)

This passive infrared sensor monitors heat and movement in the area, and can also be used as a monitor for room temperature. It has IP66-rated casing for both in- and outdoor use.

Leak Alert Sensor (£29.99)

A slimline sensor that can be mounted in cupboards and behind pipes to check for water leaks. Comes with a 6ft cable to pair the sensor itself with the Wi-Fi-equipped main unit.

Indoor Siren (£49.99)

Designed primarily to work with the Motion and Window/Door Alert Sensors, this siren belts out a loud alarm noise to deter intruders. It can also work as a loudspeaker when used in tandem with the SwannBuddy Video Doorbell.

So, there you have it: three simple ways to get your secure smart home started. Click here for more information on Swann’s product range.

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