Dyson’s new Supersonic hair dryer is more than just a blast of hot air

You might have 99 problems, but you’ll always be Becky with the good hair

For too long, lesser hair dryers have been frizzing hair out while the more professional ones are built like tanks on steroids. Dyson is here to shake up the hair dryer world with its powerful and petite Supersonic.

How good can a hair dryer get, you scoff. Well, if you’ve ever gotten your hair stuck in the back of a hair dryer or woken your family up after a late night shower, you’ll know there’s plenty of room for improvement.

The Supersonic uses Dyson’s special V9 motor that’s small enough to be tucked away in the handle, instead of in the back of the hair dryer, so you won’t have the painful problem of trapped tresses. Despite its compact size, the Supersonic’s V9 engine is up to eight times faster than other hair dryers’ motors.

Plus it handles heat better with four different heat settings, three airflow ones, three different magnetic attachments (and more in the works) to turn you into Becky with the good (undamaged) hair.

Excited? It’s only retailing in Japan for now at JPY45000 excluding tax. But hold on to your hair, it will be available in Singapore come Q3 - if you can afford it.

Soon to be available in Singapore

Been meaning to replace your crappy old hairdryer? The Supersonic will be retailing for S$599 at major departmental stores from 5 August. If you're impatient, preorders start from 20 July at Tangs, and you can choose to pick it up yourself or have it delivered to your home when 5 August rolls around. 

Dyson is holding a hair workshop with beauty blogger Drea Chong on 5 August, 7-9pm. Interested in the art of haircare? You can RSVP here. Otherwise, try Tangs Orchard, Tangs VivoCity, Best Denki VivoCity, and Robinsons JEM if you want to check the Supersonic out for yourself.