Dualit’s 24-carat toaster will add some bling to your breakfast

It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

Is it 1st April already?Oh no, pal, this thing isn’t a gag. We ain’t trolling ya. The Dualit 24-Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster is as real as bread you might put in it, could you afford one.

But why?It’s Dualit’s way of renewing a classic, we suppose. A literal Classic, that is – Dualit’s toaster is a design 70 years in the making, with each one hand-assembled in the UK by a single person from 168 components. And this is the most special one of all.

It’s no coincidence that Dualit has rolled it out in the run-up to Christmas, either. The toaster will be on display in Selfridges’ festive window display this year, and exclusively sold through the department store.

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For how much?£1,000 (S$2058). But you knew a toaster with gold plating on was never going to be cheap (the non-gold model retails for around £150 (S$309)).

Does it only toast nine-grain organic sourdough challah bread?Nope, it’ll toast any old bread, chum. Up to four slices at once. It even includes special settings for bagels and frozen slices, and features a removeable crumb tray. So you can keep your gold-plated kitchen clean.