The 10 things we now know about the Nintendo Switch

It's just weeks away: release date, price, and all the big new games

Nintendo officially announced its new Switch console back in October, following more than a year of teases and rumours, but kept a lot of the details under wraps.

How capable would this console/portable hybrid be? When exactly would it release, and how much would it cost? And just what kinds of games would be available right out of the gate? We didn't know those things then, but we thankfully know just about everything now.

Nintendo just held a late-night streaming event for the Switch, where it answered most of our lingering questions. Here's everything we learned today, and if you don't already know about the Switch, be sure to read our full preview on Nintendo's possible savior.

And be sure to check back later today, as we'll be going hands-on with the Switch for the first time and trying out the biggest games in the pipeline.

1) It's out on 3 March

Yes, Nintendo is sticking with its original March 2017 target from ages ago, and we won't have to wait long into the month either: it'll release on 3 March across much of Europe, as well as the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, and some other territories.

And in a surprising move for a Nintendo home console (even if it's a hybrid), the games won't be region-locked, which means you can buy a game from any country and play it on a Switch released anywhere in the world. That's awesome news for avid importers.

2) It won't be that cheap

The Switch was pegged as a cheaper competitor to other consoles, but that's not really the case: the launch bundle will set you back US$300 (S$430) in the States.

With that, you'll get the Switch handheld itself, the two Joy-Con controller nubs, the Joy-Con Grip that combines with them to make a traditional gamepad, two Joy-Con wrist straps, the home dock that connects to your TV, and an HDMI cable and AC adaptor. You'll be able to get it either with two grey Joy-Cons, or with one blue and one red Joy-Con included.

And the accessories will be pricey, too: we don't have SG prices yet, but a pair of extra Joy-Con controllers will sell for US$80 (S$115) in the States, while the optional Pro Controller is a staggering US$70 (S$100). Kind of startling, really.

Also, note: the Switch comes with 32GB of internal storage, which seems to be the only version available, but you'll be able to expand it significantly with microSDHC and microSDXC cards.

3) Yes, it has a touch screen

The earlier Switch reveal video seemed to carefully hide that the device offered touch capabilities, but sure enough, the 6.2in display is a touch screen. That ought to come in handy for menu navigation, and perhaps make it easy for mobile games to make their way over to the device.

That said, it's only a 720p display, which means it's not a very high-res screen. It boasts a lower resolution than the iPhone 7, for example, and the larger screen here means some lack of clarity, too. You'll be able to output 1080p gameplay onto a TV, however.