Your smartphone is all you need to unlock the TEO smart lock

Keys will soon frolic with VHS tapes and floppy disks in the fields of forgotten tech

We’ve seen key-less door locks like the August Smart Lock before, but now a new Kickstarter project aims to inject the tech into a far more portable padlock form factor.

The TEO smart lock is a Bluetooth LE padlock with a hinge lock design that only needs an authorised smartphone to unlock itself.

Its companion app lets you open it in an instant, and you can also see and share the location of the lock on a map.

You can also send virtual keys to your friends who can use their phones to gain access – a handy feature if you want to lend your bike to someone.

Because it uses the latest low-energy Bluetooth standard, the battery in the TEO will last up to one year, and you can keep track of how much juice is left with its app.

It’s also weatherproof and designed to be as resistant to theft as existing padlocks.

If that all sounds good to you then you too can snap up a TEO of your very own for US$80 by heading over to its Kickstarter page, where it has currently raised US$41,454 out of its US$165,000 goal at the time of writing.

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