You can now buy Google Glass in the UK

The Glass Explorer programme arrives, meaning Google’s wearable can now sit on the face of any Brit over 18 (and with £1,000 to spare)
You can now buy Google Glass in the UK

Google has launched its Glass Explorer programme in the UK, allowing any resident over 18, in possession of a credit card and willing to shell out £1,000 can get his or her hands on the world’s best known wearable computer.

This isn’t an actual commercial release – Glass hasn’t even on general sale in the US, where the Explorer programme has been running for well over a year and only recently opened up to the public – but intended more as a beta version of Glass ahead of a full-on launch (probably later this year). The headset is still technically in the prototype phase.

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You can get your hands on an Explorer version of Google Glass by ordering one online here, or alternatively try a demo model out by registering your details here and visiting Basecamp in London this Friday or Saturday.

Google also announced four new partners for its Glassware software programme, all of whom will be delivering apps for the headset. StarChart will identify heavenly bodies when you look up at the night sky; will keep you updated on football scores in real time; The Guardian’s app will feed you news alerts; and Zombies, Run! is a fitness/alternative reality game that tells a story through headphones to encourage you to run faster and further.

Meanwhile in the US, the Diane von Furstenberg-designed Google Glass frames announced back in April are now available to buy via Net-A-Porter. They cost US$1,800 (£1,060) as a full package including Glass, US$225 (£130) for one of the five sets of frames and US$120 (£70) for either of the shade options.

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