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Select Xbox games are now heading to PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Rumours about Microsoft making Xbox-exclusive titles cross-platform have been swirling for weeks. Now we know it's happening

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Over the past few weeks, the rumour mill has been churning out that Microsoft is going to take Xbox-exclusive games to other consoles.

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, tweeted out that the brand would shed some light on what’s happening. And now, that moment has come.

Microsoft is bringing some Xbox-exclusive games to PS5 and Nintendo Switch – four to start with, but more to follow. We don’t know what the chosen four will be as yet but reports suggest they will be Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment at first. Which will be followed by Sea of Thieves and Grounded at a later date.

Microsoft additionally announced the first Activision Blizzard game on Xbox Game Pass will be Diablo IV, available from 28 March.

To make the announcement Phil Spencer made an appearance on the Official Xbox Podcast today (15 February). He’s joined by Sarah Bond, the President of Xbox, and Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios.

The trio shared details that finally gave the what’s what to previous rumours and expand on the future of Xbox gaming. You can watch a video of the announcement right here:

With the official explanation right around the corner, here’s everything that we know so far.

How the story unfolded

The rapidly evolving saga began after a report, corroborated by data-mined information, found that the Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles. Subsequent leaks have pointed to upcoming titles such as Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is being considered for PS5. From there, gamers wondered whether huge Microsoft IPs such as Gears of War and Starfield would make the cross-platform jump, too.

With Microsoft then confirming that it would hold an event in the coming weeks to address the rumours, fans thought something was up. Microsoft then confirmed today’s event.

What does this mean?

Lots of fans aren’t happy about this. They’re expressing anger over changes to a product that they’ve bought. If you buy a console for a particular title, and that title then moves to another platform, you’re going to be irked about it. Others see this as an identity crisis for Xbox, struggling against the PS5 and Switch. We’ve even mused that the Xbox would be pointless without exclusive titles.

So it’s a little uncertain about what this means. Some fans went as far as to speculate the move means Microsoft wants to exit the console game and end the Xbox.

But Spencer reportedly told employees internally that this isn’t true. So Microsoft wants to keep Xbox alive, that we know. But if it gives away all of its exclusive titles, the future of the Xbox might not be Microsoft’s call.

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