Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 have a stylus?

Could Sammy's next super phone take after its big brother the Galaxy Note and arrive rocking a stylus?

In case you haven't heard, Samsung is launching the long-awaited Galaxy S3 tomorrow – and the rumour mill is furiously churning out reports of ceramic construction, NFC and even wireless charging all making the rounds.

One oft-overlooked rumour is whether the Galaxy S3' will come packed with a stylus to take advantage of its reportedly 4.8in screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is famous for its S Pen, which makes use of Wacom's screen digitiser technology to offer accurate, pressure sensitive drawing and writing abilities on the Note's huge 5.3in screen. Could we see the same tech in the Samsung Galaxy S3? Cnet's mulled on the possibility – making the somewhat tenuous connection between the paint splodges on Samsung's S3 invite and the potential inclusion of an S Pen with the S3.

Samsung has the technology sussed already – and S Pen specific apps like S Memo should already be compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich, seeing as they're already being updated for the Galaxy Note's Android 4.0 update.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumoured to be around 8mm thin. That's  oticeably slimmer than the Galaxy Note's 9.7mm body, making an embedded stylus unlikely – unless it's reduced to toothpick-like dimensions.

That's not to say that a separate Galaxy S3-compatible stylus couldn't be used however, and it's certainly not the most far-fetched accessory we can think of.

Those of you looking forward to Samsung Galaxy S3 Draw Something shenanigans will have to join us in waiting till tomorrow, where all will be revealed.

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