We’d punch an Ewok in the face for this portable R2-D2 PS4

Well, not really. Maybe. Not very hard though. Honest

Portable all-in-one console mods aren’t new by any means, but every once in a while we see one that sends the dial on our geekometers off into an uncontrollable spin.

This R2-D2-inspired PlayBook 4 is one such example, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Created by modded Ed Zarick, the setup includes the guts of a PS4, housed within a 3D-printed case.

There are of course a selection of R2-D2 bloops and bleeps to make the experience even better, along with capacitive volume and power buttons to fire up the in-built monitor.

Transformations like this do, of course, void the warranty of any console, but we think that’s a small price to pay for rocking such a tasty bit of kit.

Bring on Star Wars Battlefront, we say. 

[Ed Zarick via Tech Radar]