Vauxhall hatches a hot Corsa

[intro]Private helicopters, fire-eaters, albino pythons and contortionists. No, I’m not talking about the hazards of my daily commute to Stuff tower

Having been airlifted into the grounds of a fancy country hotel, somewhere in remotest West Sussex I was wined, dined and thoroughly entertained by a posse of strange people dressed up like Halloween had come eight months early.

The next day I was woken up by the sound of not one but twelve Corsa VXRs, purring away in the grounds of the hotel. I chose my chariot and made the brief drive to the famous Goodwood circuit where I was able to take the car for a spin on the historic track and the local roads.

First impressions are that the VXR is a tasty little hot hatch, but I’ll need a little longer behind the wheel to see if it’s in the same league as, say, a Clio 197 or Mini Cooper S. Talking of hot hatches, I’m going to be borrowing Honda’s new Civic Type R over the Easter weekend. Stay tuned for my verdict.