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Ultimate Setup: Apple iPhone 6s

The best aftermarket add-ons for Apple’s newest range-topper

Just got your toasty paws on a steaming new iPhone 6s, fresh from Apple’s manufacturing belt? Or spending your lonely hours lusting after one? Lucky you: we’re here to give you the definitive lineup of awesome accessories for the new Cupertino flagship.

From cases and screen protectors to wireless speakers and camera add-ons, there’s everything here to keep your 6s scratch-free and super-performing.

Apple iPhone 6s Leather Case (£35)

Apple iPhone 6s Leather Case (£35)

First things first, you’ll probably want to keep that sleek, aluminium casing just as shiny as the day you slid it out of Apple’s toned-down packaging – especially given that the 6s is almost identical to its s-less brother.

Thankfully, you don’t have to look far for a fresh iPhone get-up: for the pinnacle of understated styling, you can’t go far wrong wrapping the 6s in Apple’s own leather case.

Sure, it might seem a bit too easy to opt with manufacturer-branded bits for your new baby, but when those bits are made from specially tanned European leather for ultimate luxury, it’s hard to argue for an alternative in premium protection.

Available in five different tans, we’re fans of Saddle Brown chic. What? It goes with our shoes.

Buy the Apple iPhone 6s Leather Case here

Quicktap Tempered Glass Screen Protector (£18)

Quicktap Tempered Glass Screen Protector (£18)

With the body wrapped up good, you’ll want to keep that super screen safe from unexpected shocks and drops.

But hold up: the 6s is some top-end tech. Whilst it might not have been given the sapphire crystal treatment by Apple, it’s still a smart bit of 4.7in real estate – you can’t just plaster any old piece of plastic across it.

Happily, Quicktap’s tempered glass protector is both firm and functional. It’s a high quality bit of frontage, with a trick hidden up its reinforced sleeve: with active elements built-in, you can tap the bottom of your 6s screen to activate the top.

Why would you want that? Well, for small-palmed surfers, reaching across for lofty menu heights of the iPhone’s visage can be a struggle. Instead, this 0.33mm thin, bubble-free bash-buster lets you operate up-top options from down low. Smashing (or, not).

Buy the Quicktap Tempered Glass Screen Protector here

What could have beenthe not-so-sapphire iPhone 6 screen

Popslate (US$130)

Popslate (US$130)

Sometimes, even a protected display just isn’t enough. With iOS9 packing a smarter Siri than ever, you may well find yourself needing more screen-space for your digital PA to push tickets, notifications and social updates.

Gorge yourself, then, on the Popslate: a sufficiently slim case for your 6s, its nifty trick is packing a 4in shatter-proof e-Paper screen on its reverse.

Yep, like a constantly customisable notepad panel, this case can show everything from boarding cards and album covers to statuses and weather widgets – all in the subtle e-ink goodness that still amazes us every time we pick up a Kindle.

We have seen the likes of dual-screen devices before, but the Popslate lets you double the display of your latest iPhone in a jiffy – and, with it’s own 240mAh battery, it won’t be drain as it inkily feeds your brain.

Buy Popslate here

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Woodpuck Qi Wireless Charger (US$60)

Woodpuck Qi Wireless Charger (US$60)

If you’re more a fan of going wireless than being dialled in, this funky wooden wire-free charger should be right up your tree.

Available in several coffee-inspired colour tones, the Woodpuck looks at home on even the most mahogany of desks.

“Wait,” we hear you cry, “the iPhone doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities!” Oh, ye of little faith: it’s all be thought of by the Woodpuck’s plucky manufacturers. Simply stick the Qi panel on your device’s back and plug the flat cable into its Lightning port and voila – a clutter-free charging solution.

Just don’t leave it on your workbench.

Buy the Woodpuck Qi Wireless Charger here

Knomo Mag:Mount (£13)

Knomo Mag:Mount (£13)

Let’s not forget that the 6s is one fine piece of phone kit – so good, in fact, that you might just want to put it on your wall with, say, a magnetic mount.

Oh, fancy that: Knomo has just the solution. Using its specially built slimline case you can secure your new baby onto any flat surface simply by sticking on the little magnet counterpart.

On the wall? Check. On the ceiling? Check. On the garden shed? Well, yes, but why? Anyway, the Mag:Mount is a small but mighty powerful disc, which should leave you handsfree and able to appreciate the sleek lines of your 6s whilst the now constantly-listening Siri assists your spaghetti carbonara experiment – we’d advise against mounting it to the pan, though.

Buy the Knomo Mag:Mount here

Leef iBridge 16GB Flash Drive (£45)

Leef iBridge 16GB Flash Drive (£45)

As good as the 6s is, Apple haven’t been quite so generous on the storage front. Oh, sure, you can upgrade from the basic 16GB model, but the pricing strategy is guaranteed to make your wallet much lighter than you’d like for those extra gigs.

Taking a Leef (see what we did there?) out of the expandable memory brigade’s handbook, this iBridge plug-in flash drive is a compact, curved connector that adds 16GB of extra space to your smartphone – and it can slot straight into the nearest USB slot for file transfers galore.

With a handy storage cap that takes it full-loop, this is a cost-effective method of combatting chronic memory loss.

Buy the Leef iBridge Flash Drive here

iCloud (from £0.79)

iCloud (from £0.79)

If you’re a real media mogul or super snapper, though, you might just need something more substantial for your storage fix.

Much as it may pain you to subscribe to the Apple marketing monopoly, a subscription to iCloud may well be the best bet.

With a surprisingly reasonable price point for a fair few gigabytes of space, you’ll be able to sleep easy with all of your pictures, documents and relate iParaphernalia safely stored in the cloud.

Just make sure your password is sufficiently complex – nobody wants a repeat of that leak.

Buy iCloud upgrade here

Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit (US$90)

Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit (US$90)

With all that space to fill, you’ll probably want to get snapping on the 6s’ upgraded camera tech, and Lensbaby’s creative kit should do just the trick to make things interesting.

Making full use of the boost to 12MP, the two adapters in the set allow you to shoot funky kaleidoscopic shots and motion-blured brilliance simply by clipping them over the iPhone’s lens, no software needed.

What’s more, they should add some seriously interesting visuals to Apples gif-like Live Photos, freshly introduced for the new flagship.

Buy Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit here

Confusion gone in a flashDecipher smartphone photography jargon

Knog Expose Smart Light (€55)

Knog Expose Smart Light (€55)

If creating movie magic is more your thing – and it should be, given the 4K capabilities of the 6s – then grabbing a Knog Expose Smart Light sounds like a solid bet.

With 130 lumens of illuminating power in its nine LED array, it’s a full six times more powerful than the regular iPhone flash – perfect for capturing sundown celebrations and dusky mini-flicks.

Packing its own integrated rechargeable battery (good for 70mins on low power mode), the Knog won’t drain your internal juice pack, whilst its Bluetooth connectivity should leave no angle unlit.

Buy Knog Expose Smart Light here

Gekkopod (US$20)

Gekkopod (US$20)

Of course, stability is paramount for shooting in anything but the brightest sunlight – even with the upgraded image stabilisation on the 6s.

Get your hands on a Gekkopod, then, for fully flexible phone fixing. From selfies and action shots to handlebars and branches, the ‘Pod’s firm but bendy legs are covered in non-slip dots for extra grip, meaning you can attach it to almost anything.

And, when it’s time to edit your day’s shooting on Apple’s latest iMovie upgrade, you can morph the Gekkopod into a desktop buddy to clutch your 6s close.

Buy the Gekkopod here

Bendy stabilityJoby’s Gorillapod

LG Rolly Keyboard (£80)

LG Rolly Keyboard (£80)

Apple might be proud of its pressure-sensitive 3D touch tech on the 6s but, sometimes, you just need a little bit more touchy-feely for typing out your next novel on the go.

Pairing LG keyboard kit with Apple hardware might seem like blasphemy, but, with its full polycarbonate cap array and 17mm pitch (close to that of most laptops) it offers a roll-up solution for serial surfers.

Bluetooth 3.0 enabled and powered by a single AAA battery, the LG’s real trick is its ability to fold up into a stick small enough to slot into even the smallest of writers’ sacks – now that’s digit drummingly brilliant.

Buy the Rolly Keyboard here

UE Roll (£90)

UE Roll (£90)

From one roller to another, the UE Roll is the wireless, waterproof answer to your on-the-go audio desires.

Whilst the 6s might look good just about anywhere, it doesn’t mix so well with the wet stuff. Thankfully, its media smarts can beam plenty well enough to the Roll – a Bluetooth boombox packing the smarts of Ultimate Ears’ Boom into a smaller shell with a battery good for nine hours.

Best of all, it comes in enough funky colour combos that you shouldn’t struggle to match it up with your chosen tone of phone.

Buy UE Roll here

Disconnected competitionThe best bluetooth speakers of the year

Jabra Sport Pulse (£130)

Jabra Sport Pulse (£130)

If you prefer your music personal, Jabra’s Sport Pulse ‘phones will do the trick.

Lightweight and wireless, these earbuds are military grade sweat, shock and dust resistant – even if your iPhone isn’t.

The real boon is in the Jabra app: with heart rate monitoring and just about any other stat you could need, its a fine choice for fitness fanatics in need of voice updates right in the ear.

Designed to stay in place through just about any jolt, they deliver decent tonal balance in a supreme sports shell.

Buy Jabra Sport Pulse here

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (£90)

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (£90)

If bass beats aren’t enough to get your blood pumping, the Withings monitor should be. With a comfy cuff and easy app-syncing, this wireless BP tracker feeds back through the Withings Health Cloud to make the 6s into the Health hand-up Apple wants it to be.

With automatic comparison to the World Health Organisation’s blood pressure standards chart, this strap-around makes keeping track of your ticket as easy as cuffing up and opening the app.

Even better, it’s Apple Health compatible. That means in-depth analyses of everything your BP says about your body in one iPackage.

Buy the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor here

Apple Watch (from £480)

Apple Watch (from £480)

Finally, for the true ultimate Apple upgrade, it has to be the Apple Watch.

Cupertino’s instant wrist-wrapping classic is one of the best smartwatches money can buy – and it’s the perfect companion to your shiny new 6s.

Complimentary in both style and substance, the Watch augments everything fantastic about iOS and then some. From notifications and phone controls to dedicated apps and expanded platforms, this is one occasion where staying brand loyal really pays dividends.

Packing tactic feedback, health monitoring smarts and a corker of a display into its sleek shell, it was born to live alongside a 6s in your pocket – no less so as Apple continues build more and more native Watch apps.

Buy the Apple Watch here

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