Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone hands-on

This'll get your pulse racing... an app with a strap to save you a trip to the man in the white coat

Nice box. And if your doctor ever says that to you, you should probably find a new one. Inside this wedge of cardboard lies Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, a strap-on accompaniment to the Withings iOS app that lets you take your own blood pressure.

It's a bit of cloth with a metal stick attached and a 30-pin iDevice connector. You wrap this bit around your arm, like so...

And it feels just like you're at the doctor's. Without the lectures about your lifestyle. Or the possibility of being given some pills at the end.

Hit the start button on your iPhone (with the free Withings app installed) and the armband inflates quite fast until the pressure hurts quite a lot. Then deflates quite slowly. Proof that your doctor (probably) isn't a sadist.

And here's your result. As you can see, Stuff's vitals are pretty much perfect. The Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor goes back in its box having reassured the company medical insurance assessor. First impression: if you have an iPhone or iPad, need or want to check your blood pressure regularly and have £120 to spare, this'll spare you a trip to the doc, and possibly your life one day.

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