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Toyota’s Sport Crossover Concept is a sneak peak into the future

Electric models to include a stunning new sports car

Toyota 2023 Sport Crossover Concept

Toyota (and its premium other half Lexus) has unveiled a raft of new concept models, including an Urban SUV Concept, a Sport Crossover Concept and the dazzling Toyota FT-Se sports car. Showcased at the carmaker’s annual Kenshiki Forum, held in Brussels, the total of six all-electric models are planned to arrive by 2026.

Toyota will use its latest generation BEV architecture as the basis for its diverse new line-up. All will make use of the firm’s more efficient modular construction tech, and will benefit from improved battery technology.

If you love low-slung sports cars, the Toyota FT-Se concept isn’t going to disappoint. The two-seater is stunning to look at, with much of the inspiration for it pulled from Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division. The car is just 1,200mm high, but wide at 1,895mm with a total length of 4,380mm, all sitting on a 2,650mm wheelbase. Using Toyota’s latest Performance lithium ion battery tech, it’s expected to have a range of nearly 500 miles.

Similarly appealing is the Toyota Sport Crossover Concept, a road-going version of which should appear in the model line-up by 2025. The sleek, all-electric fastback-type saloon features five doors and an emphasis on space and comfort, with a sizeable boot topping it off.

Another eye-catching one to watch is the Toyota FT-3e concept. The five-seat model is longer, wider and lower than the current Toyota bZ4X electric SUV. It rides quite high and has some distinctive styling touches, including LED display panels on each front door displaying vehicle information to owners.

A better way to build

The forthcoming range of BEVs will make use of gigacasting. This increasingly popular manufacturing process lets structural components be produced as larger chunks, which brings much more production flexibility. Case in the point is the Lexus LF-ZC (Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst), with its sleek exterior and wild but spacious interior.

Meanwhile, the Lexus LF-ZL (Lexus Future Zero-emission Luxury) flagship SUV features plenty of external styling flourishes, but the interior is something else. A mix of high-tech components include a steering yoke that uses steer-by-wire technology, and there’s liberal use of bamboo as the main interior material.

Lexus will incorporate its Arene Operating System in the new crop of models, which will use AI to tailor a personalised experience for owners on the go. Ride and handling will also be boosted by using an improved version of Direct4, the Lexus all-wheel drive system that’s already used on models like the RZ and RX.

The Japanese manufacturer was also showing off its new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser and the Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V. This new take on an old but mighty popular theme breathes new life into this off-road legend.

Toyota 2024 Land Cruiser First Edition

It looks like the Toyota Hilux has plenty of years left in it and will now come with a 2.8-litre diesel engine that uses a hybrid 48V system. It’ll help revitalise a model that has already sold 21 million units worldwide since its introduction way back in 1968.

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