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Apple Pencil for Apple Vision Pro in testing: here’s what it could do

A recent patent shows a future Apple Pencil that could work with the Vision Pro. It might give creatives a reason to buy the headset.

Apple Pencil for Vision Pro

One of the best accessories for the iPad is the Apple Pencil. There are plenty of rumblings about what’s next for the stylus, and it looks like Apple is tinkering with the idea of interchangeable sleeves for the Apple Pencil. But it’s not just about jazzing up your stylus with a new outfit. These sleeves could give you more control, sensors, and even a bit of extra juice for the Vision Pro headset.

Now, let’s be honest, the Apple Pencil line-up could confuse a GPS system. Never mind the average gadget shopper like you or I. It’s mind-boggling that the first model from 2015 is still loitering in the shops. But, it looks like a future generation could shake things up entirely. A newly-revealed patent application details a “handheld input device that may include a stylus and a removable sleeve on the stylus.” And it’s not just a patent filed for the sake of it. MacRumors reported that Apple is currently testing it, suggesting it could be ready sooner rather than later.

“The input-output capabilities of the handheld input device may be shared between the stylus and the removable sleeve,” it goes on. Translation: your stylus gets to share its homework with the new sleeve. Here’s where it gets wild. The patent covers all sorts of gizmos, from “controllers, handheld controllers, input devices,” and so on, before finally spilling the beans on this stylus idea.

Patent sketch for the Apple Pencil sleeve

It details “air gestures” and “hybrid gestures” involving moving this device through the air. These gestures combined with the sensors inside the sleeve would make the Apple Pencil perfect for the Vision Pro. You’d be able to draw freely in the air, and have your creations appear in visionOS.

At the moment, hand gestures are the only physical control you have over the headset. So this stylus input would give you more precise controls. We imagine this would be perfect for creatives, who could draw and move elements in the mixed reality space. Of course, this is just a patent for now, so may never see the light of day. But if it did, the Apple Pencil could give creatives a compelling reason to shell out for the Vision Pro.

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