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The Logitech G309 might be my perfect mouse for gaming and travel

Dual wireless and two kinds of power make for a multi-purpose rodent

Logitech G309 gaming mouse hot stuff

Whether I’m travelling with my gaming laptop or a more modest work machine, I never leave the house without a mouse. Even on cramped plane and train tray tables, I find them so much easier to use than a touchpad for image editing – and essential for any gaming in my off hours. If the idea of one mouse for home and another for travel seems excessive, the new Logitech G309 could be the one rodent to rule them all.

With Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless tech and Bluetooth on board, you can leave the dongle plugged into your desktop and just take the mouse with you on the move. Then you’ve got the choice of Powerplay wireless charging or a single AA battery, so there’s no need to bring a charging cable with you either.

At $80/£80, this is as cheap as mice with Powerplay support get. Logitech’s proprietary mousepad is sold separately (and isn’t exactly a bargain), but with a wireless charging puck placed in the G309’s underbelly, it’ll effectively keep working forever. And at only 68g, it’s almost as featherweight as the G Pro X Superlight 2.

Stick to the single AA and weight climbs to a still-modest 86g, while battery life tops out at 300 hours over Lightspeed wireless – or a whopping 600 hours via Bluetooth.

Logitech G309 gaming mouse in hand

OK, so the Logitech G309 isn’t the smallest Bluetooth gaming mouse around -I still have fond memories of the pint-sized Razer Orochi – but that just means you’ll also want to keep using it when you get home from your travels.

It’s loaded for bear with buttons, customisable through Logitech’s G Hub software. With the firm’s Hero 25K sensor and Lightforce hybrid button switches, it’ll easily keep pace with the best gaming mice. You can also free up one of your PC’s USB ports by using the same wireless receiver as your Logitech gaming keyboard.

Gamers can grab the Logitech G309 right now, in either black or white. It’s on sale directly from Logitech or via Amazon and the usual retailers for $80/£80.

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