Tech pairings we'd like to see in 2013

Fred and Ginger. Lennon and McCartney. Laurel and Hardy. DeVito and Schwarzenegger. Which gadget combinations could be greater than the sum of their parts?

Steam Box and Oculus Rift

Steam Box, confirmed for a 2013 release, will bring button-bashers some seriously powerful hardware – made by gamers for gamers. Combine it with Oculus Rift virtual reality headgear – which we loved in our hands-on review – and the result is Nerdvana.

Leap Motion and LG 4K OLED TV

Leap Motion translates your hand movements into virtual commands. Combine it with LG’s promised 4K OLED TV and you can get all Minority Report in your lair. Or just play Fruit Ninja, full-sized, in your ninja pajamas.

Revolights and Specialized Turbo

Cycle into the future on this 30mph electric bike with the eye-catching Revolights on show you’d fit right in. A perfect high-speed-low-sweat combo.

Nike Lunar TR1+ and Strava

Both Nike's Lunar TR1+ super shoes and the Strava apps are 2012 Stuff Gadget Award winners, making them an unstoppable combination. Pair the belly-shrinking advantages of Nike’s sensor laden kicks with the Strava app for the ultimate future workout. New Year's resolution ahoy!

Star Citizen and Star Wars

Star Citizen, the brainchild of Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts, will bring with it one of the most immersive game universes ever to hit the flickering screen. Inspired by Star Wars during its creation, the addition of plot lines and characters from LucasArts back catalogue could the force strong make.

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