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Stuff magazine July 2021 issue is out now

'It's coming home...' etc etc

Ball ball ball, footie footie footie, ball ball ball, football! Plus cricket, golf, cycling, tennis and, well, anything goes in the Olympics these days – although the IOC did refuse to acknowledge our art editor’s calls for PCR testing to be included in Tokyo, opting for skateboarding instead.

Yes, if you hadn’t guessed it by the headline slapped across the front, the July issue of Stuff magazine is sports-mad and out now, with the Euros kicking off tomorrow and a summer packed full of major tournaments to keep you glued to the shiny new TV our cover story is going to convince you to buy.

Stuff July issue: Twatting balls

Sick of being stuck inside on the sofa and fancy twatting some balls yourself? We’ve matched every sports event with a selection of top training equipment.

If you’d rather stay home and take in every match, however, we’ve added our favourite sports sim games to give you your own shot at glory – virtual or otherwise. This includes Stuff‘s top 25 football games of all time – back of the net!

We’ve also added some ace sporting apps and podcasts to fill the gaps between games, plus exclusive interviews with a couple of little known former footballers called Peter Crouch and, er, England manager Gareth Southgate, in an incredible meeting of minds that we’ve dubbed ‘Crouchgate’.

Stuff July issue: There’s more

Away from the field of play we focus on the field of view, with a glasses-free 3D laptop and HTC’s latest pro VR headset. There’s the verdict on the new Apple iMac and Apple iPad Pro, and why Apple’s AirTags might be a good shout for attaching to your pet’s collar.

Speaking of hairy animals, we also test Dyson’s latest vacuum cleaner, complete with lasers and acoustic sensors; and if you’d rather clean up in another way, may I suggest you enter our Marshall multiroom speaker competition to win over a grand’s worth of kit.

Stuff July issue: How to get your copy

Stuff July issue: How to get your copy

Buy an old school print copy delivered direct to your door, a new school digital edition delivered direct to your inbox or a combination of the two.

Or feel free to go to an actual supermarket or newsagent and do the business over the counter. Alternatively, the App Store, PocketMags and Readly and will see you right.

Thanks as always for your continued support – Stuff doesn’t exist without you and we’ve no plans to join a European Super League.

All the best, it’s coming home.

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