Spotify Mobile gets 320kbps songs on iOS

If you’ve got a Premium Spotify account, you can now ditch the streaming quality blues for some decent quality MP3 bitrates

Spotify's just released an update for iOS devices that lets Premium subscribers listen to their tracks at an acceptable 320kbps – what Spotify calls "very high quality”. It’s going to be a clear improvement from the 160kbps previous maximum bitrate of Spotify's streamed Ogg Vorbis files. That'll give those of us who've splurged a bit on a decent set of cans the chance to get our money’s worth.

The v0.4.23 Spotify Mobile update is only for Apple devices for now, but we'd expect other platforms to follow shortly. If you do want to stream some better quality audio to your iOS device, all you need to do is select the Extreme option shown in the photo above. Then be prepared to use your bandwidth to the extreme too – Wi-Fi is recommended for those without unlimited data.

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